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Suggestions For Achieving Best Results:

In order to obtain fast results from Meizitang, you should drink lots of water and also do workouts. Walking is considered a good way of obtaining faster results, while consuming this capsule. Many people want to know whether it really is a magical product that works or just a scam.

Both women and men can make use of this soft gel for weight-reducing purposes. As it is 100% natural extracts, there are no known or proven side-effects. The extracts from herbs, such as jobstears, psyllium shell, lotus, hoof bamboo shoot and tarragon are purified and combined into the Meizitang soft gel capsule, which is very easy to consume.

It helps you lose weight with the minimum of problems. But you should take care to combine it with a proper food and exercise regimen. A moderate physical activity program is important and with this combination, you can surely succeed in your weight-loss objective.

Safety & Caution For Meizitang Botanical Slimming Gel:

For your own safety & caution please remember the following:


* 1 capsule a day before or after breakfast, Do not take more capsules than recommended.

* Do not take this product if you are taking any medications (prescription or over-the-counter)

* Drink more water and eat more fruit if thirsty (not enough pure water in your body reduces the body's glucose level in the blood, which causes weakness and dizziness).

* Do not skip meals (especially breakfast or lunch). It is important while taking this product to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, including pure water and natural juices.

* Do not consume alcohol while taking Capsules. It may neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process.


Do not exceed 1 capsule per day; do not mix take two different kinds of pills in same day.

This product is not designed for the morbidly obese, children, pregnant, diabetics, and people with heart conditions.

* The responsibility of using this product, like any other dietary supplement, is one who takes it, so if you have any questions, consult your trusted doctor before taking.


Meizitang soft gelis made from selected natural slimming botanical formula for beauty-making and the active extracts from jobstears and Lotus Leaf. It is produced in SFDA approved GMP factory. Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel can reduce the compound and absorption of fat, dilute and burn the fat effectively, accelerate metabolism and delay skin caducity by antioxidant. It is nutritional and safe for you to take this diet pill. There is no diarrhea and rebounding. You will get unexpected good result.

Mechanism of Botanical slimming soft gel:
Boosting fat metabolism and blocking the non-fat material converting into fat.
2. Pure herbal essence, promoting satiety and controlling the fat intake effectively
3. Smoothing the intestines to relax the bowels and cleaning the intestines system B N
4. Focus on waist belly and the position where fat easily accumulated characteristic

Extracts of natural plants free of side effects, restraining appetite naturally without dieting .Quick effect from the first day you take the diet pill. Extracts of natural plants Free of side effects;
Restraining appetite naturally without dieting; Fast weight loss.(Lose weight from the 1st day you take it).

[Targeted weight loss]:Focus on waist, belly and the position where fat easily accumulated.

[Specifications of Botanical slimming soft gel]:650mg x 12pills/piece/3 pieces

[Usage & Dosage of Botanical slimming soft gel]:1 capsule a day before or after breakfast

[Storage of Botanical slimming soft gel]:Store in cool, dry and dark conditions.

[Precautions of Meizitang soft gel]: Not applicable for woman in pregnancy and patients of cardiovascular disease and apoplexy! People under 18 years and over 60 years. Also available Meizitang strong version


(Authentic) Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming Strong Version

This is the Authentic Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming Strong Version that is formulated with two primary ingredients: Kola, Guar Gum and several secondary ingredients including Alfalfa, Perilla Frutescens, Atractylone, Oriental Water Plantain, Cassia Seed, and Kendyr.

Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming has the ingredients of the purely natural plant ZiSu and the mulberry that grows in the 'Kingdom of Vegetation' Yunnan province . These plants have been recognized for thousands of years to assist in weight loss.. The ingredient's of Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming from the two plants are carefully refined with modern technology that may help supress appetite and trigger the 'full' feeling. Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming includes sweet potato fibre, cyamoposis gum, amorphallus konjac fibre (extracted from konjak and jerusalem artichoke) and alfalfa as well as some plant ingredients that may help reduce the body fat such as tuckahoe, Kola fruit, guttiferae plant, coleus forskohlii, guarana, bitter orange, semen trigonellac and etc. This product is processed in a GMP certified factory and is up to the state standard set for health food.

What is Meizitang and how does it work?

Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming is formulated with two primary ingredients: Kola, Guar Gum and several secondary ingredients including Alfalfa, Perilla Frutescens, Atractylone, Oriental Water Plantain, Cassia Seed, and Kendyr.

Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming has the ingredients of the purely natural plant ZiSu and the mulberry that grows in the “Kingdom of Vegetation” Yunnan province . These plants have been recognized for thousands of years to assist in weight loss.. The ingredient's of Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming from the two plants are carefully refined with modern technology that may help supress appetite and trigger the “full' feeling. Meizitang Zisu Botanical Slimming includes sweet potato fibre, cyamoposis gum, amorphallus konjac fibre (extracted from konjak and jerusalem artichoke) and alfalfa as well as some plant ingredients that may help reduce the body fat such as tuckahoe, Kola fruit, guttiferae plant, coleus forskohlii, guarana, bitter orange, semen trigonellac and etc. This product is processed in a GMP certified factory and is up to the state standard set for health food.

When should I take it and how many times per day?

1 capsule a day should be taken in the morning.

Do I need to exercise while on the diet?
Exercise is not necessary while on the diet but it is always a good idea. Just be sure to drink plenty of water!
Meizitang is a new and exciting weight loss formula.

The ancient slimming formula meizitang is derived from 12 kinds of healing herbs primarily found in the Kunming Province of China. It has been used for many centuries by Traditional Chinese Medicine to regulate blood circulation, reduce appetite, enhance the organs resistance, increase energy, and promote body balance. meizitang helps the transformation of the macronutrient carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in food to energy. It also facilitates the breakdown of lipid hydroperoxides, stimulates the production of red blood cells and enhances cellular regeneration. 
You'll know the difference from the first time you take meizitang. 
Meizitang is an all natural herbal formulated thermogenic weight loss supplement. It assists in the bodies ability to absorb food and expend energy, therefore burning fat, resulting in safe and effective weight loss.

1. Decrease the formation of adipose tissue, burn excess fat effectively in belly, arm, leg and waist;

2. Extracts from herbs, safe and free of any toxicities; 

3. Restrain appetite, unnecessary to go on a diet; 

4. Quick effect. You can get slim from the first capsule and lose 10-15 lbs in a month; 

5. Liquid ingredients can be easier absorbed.
Proportion in percentage(%) Contents (mg) 
Xianxian cao 21% 79.8 
Jobstears 18% 68.4 
Artemisia dracunculua 12% 45.6 
Psyllium Husk 19% 72.2 
Bamboo Shoot 16% 60.8 
Lotus leaf 14% 53.2
Usage & Dosage 1 capsule a day before or after breakfast 

Storage Store in cool, dry and dark conditions. 

Cautions Applicable for people between 18 and 60 years old.

Precautions Not applicable for woman in pregnancy


Does meizitang have side effects?

My cousin has taken meizitang for several month and haven't get side effects, only dry mouth, she taking plenty of water everyday she said drink water could help here has better slimming effect. She has lost 39 pounds by taking these pills
Does the meizitang come out in a drug test?


Explaining The Workings of Meizitang:

Meizitang Gel is one of the top-selling weight-loss products in the market today. It is entirely made of plant extracts that have been purified and leads to a natural reduction of the body-weight. It does not involve any kind of dieting, as one can have normal meals while taking this capsule. Of course, it has been noticed that there is a loss of appetite when one takes this capsule.

The process of weight-reduction

A rapid weight loss is seen when one uses this botanical capsule. One single capsule of Meizitang is equal to doing three hours of exercise. A single soft gel capsule is able to block the synthesis of about 100 to 200 grams of fat. It also helps break down the excess body fat. This kind of break-down can only be achieved by rigorous exercise done for about three hours at a stretch. Another way in which the soft gel works is by reducing the user’s weight without any kind of dehydration or loss of water from the body. It decomposes the excess fat present in the waist, hips, arms and legs and shapes the body. All this is done without any loss of water.

Along with the fat-reducing properties, the botanical slimming gel also has the effect of reducing the fat in the right places. It does not make the breasts smaller when reducing, and thereby helps produce a slimmer and more beautiful-looking figure.

Effect of Cassia Seeds

With the Meizitang gel, you can have a natural weight-loss and it also removes all toxins of the body without any side-effects. You might be wondering how these capsules work to reduce the accumulation of fat. The Cassia seeds, which are an essential component of the capsule, reduce fat by affecting the absorption of cholesterol and also strengthens metabolism. The Cassia seeds are also known for diminishing serum cholesterol as well as triglycerides. This, in turn, affects the metabolism of the fat in the body. The fat in the body is easily transformed and broken down and this leads to a reduction in the size of the fat cells as well as a reduction in their number.

The radicals of the body are eliminated and this leads to enhanced skin metabolism. This has the additional effect of delaying aging. Another important ingredient is known as the Knob and it helps removing the free radicals that are created when metabolism takes place in the body. The skin tension is increased due to this process and the elasticity of the skin is also improved. This has a positive result on the skin of the body and the face, thereby reducing wrinkles.

Effect on Bowels

Another aspect of Meizitang Gel is the way it works on the intestines. It helps cleanse up the entire digestive system and makes the bowels smooth. A diuretic effect is produced by Rhizoma Alismatis along with the Cassia seeds. This helps relax the intestines and also eliminates all toxic substances from the body.

Thus, we see that Meizitang Gel slimming capsules can work quite effectively towards weight-loss. Since it is made of plant extracts, it has a lot of nutrients and supplies important vitamins and other forms of nourishment to the body, so that the body remains healthy.

Positive & Negative Side Effects of Meizitang:

Meizitang is another very popular diet supplement capsule of Chinese origin, which is completely made of natural herbal extracts. Many people have used these slimming soft gels with wonderful results, as they have seen a decrease in appetite along with weight-reduction in the right places.

Excessive Thirst:

The only noticeable side-effect in taking Meizitang Gel is that one feels abnormally thirsty when you consume these pills. This is, however, a positive side-effect as it is not harmful to drink a lot of water and it also helps to flush out toxins faster. You need to consume a minimum of 90 ounces of water per day; otherwise some people might get leg cramp in the calf muscle. You can also cope with this side-effect by drinking a lot of fruit juices and eating plenty of fresh fruit every day.

Fat Loss in the right places:

Meizitang Gel has the right effect of slimming down fat in the stomach, belly, arms and legs and also maintaining a better and more beautiful figure and skin. This result is seen within the first week of using the capsule. You can even exercise and observe better results. Some people might be concerned that one of the side-effects would result in the shrinking of the breasts. However, it works in a miraculous way by reducing the fat just in the areas where it is not supposed to exist, but retains the size of the breasts, in order to give you the right figure and shape.

Rejuvenation of the Skin:

One of the side-effects that some people experience is also that you might feel an odd taste in your mouth for the first few days, but it goes away later in the day and after a few weeks, you get used to it. The results, however, are awesome, as it also beautifies the skin along with the weight-reduction. It reduces wrinkles and makes your skin smoother by rejuvenating the skin cells. In order to avoid any other kind of dangerous side-effects, you should take only the recommended dosage and people who are under the prohibited category should not consume these pills. Children too should stay away from such diet supplement capsules.

Extra Energy:

It should also be noted that you should take the pill along with breakfast and must have proper lunch with good nutrients. Additionally, you must not stop it all of a sudden, but bring it to a gentle tapering off. A positive side-effect that has been noticed by several users of Meizitang is that it vitalizes your body and provides you with extra energy and vigor. You are also able to sleep well, but will be able to eat a little less than the normal diet.

We see that there are some side-effects to be seen in the use of Meizitang Gel, but it also revitalizes the body and has a positive effect on your weight.




Are you planning to use Meizitang to reduce weight? Are you wondering whether Meizitang will really work and whether it is safe to use Meizitang? Yes this is a very important question that you should ask yourself and you should proceed with the weight loss product only when the weight loss product is considered safe. Also another important factor that you need to pay attention to is whether the weight loss product that you are using will do you any harm in case you should use it the product on long term basis. Some of the weight loss products may not have any harmful effects if you use them for a short time but when you continue to use them on long term basis you are likely to run into problems including serious side effects. So it is always prudent to ask the above questions before you run into any problems. The same applies to meizitang too.

One of the best things about the Meizitang diet is that you don’t have to worry about such issues because Meizitang does not have any negative side effects on you. It does not matter whether you are using it in short term basis or using it on long term basis, you will be able to get excellent weight loss results without having to worry about side effects. Meizitang is 100% safe because this is a botanical product. Meizitang uses the finest quality ingredients and all the ingredients are natural ingredients. There are no side effects because of this.

Meizitang works on your body’s metabolism and makes it more effective so that you will stop accumulating fat in your body. As Meizitang works with your body’s natural processes, there are no health risks involved here. You can therefore confidently to use Meizitang as per the prescribed dosage.

When you are using Meizitang you are not required to diet further, you can take your regular diet. You are also not required to subject yourself to rigorous exercise activities. By far Meizitang is both safe and effective. You will be able to achieve your weight loss goals fast by making use of this natural weight loss products. You will not have to pay huge bills to reduce fast or go through painful processes to get rid of your fat. Here is a dependable and healthy way to lose fat and excess body weight. Reports indicate that people can lose as high as eight pounds per week without much efforts. All your lose mass will be lost and you will be able to build stiffer muscle that will make you look young and desirable. For the money you spend, you will get excellent results. So choose Meizitang today and lose weight fast in the healthiest way possible.

You can order Meizitang online easily from the convenience of your home. You don’t have to waste your money and time on other weight loss product as Meizitang offers proven weight loss results.


Excess body weight makes you feel physically fat and emotionally depressed. You cannot keep up with your active children, walk up a flight of stairs at work or get out of bed without aches and pains. After trying classes, diets and pills, you may be tempted to give up on trying to lose weight. Instead of letting the fat win, find hope and success when you lose weight naturally.

Innovative and effective Meizitang uses natural ingredients from plants. The botanical slimming effect gives you a slim body without adding synthetic or artificial ingredients to your body. Safe and effective, you can trust the ingredients found in this product.

For maximum consumer safety, each ingredient undergoes careful harvesting and extraction techniques. In addition, the ingredients are purified using advanced technology. Ingredients include:
Jobs Tears
Psyllium Shell
Hoof Bamboo Shoot
Oriental Water Plantain
Cassia Seed
Medical Amylum.

Meizitang also supplements the elements your body needs for daily life. Copper, iron, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, zinc and selenium keep your body operating in top condition. The natural ingredients found in this botanical slimming pill increase these essential elements and your body’s ability to function properly.

The secret to Meizitang involves how your body processes fat you eat. The botanical ingredients in Meizitang prevent your body from absorbing the fat in your diet. Normally, the enzyme lipase breaks down fat in your stomach and intestines. Meizitang blocks lipase. Unable to be absorbed into your body, the fat you eat throughout the day is excreted instead of stored.

You can say goodbye to excess fat and body weight when you take one Botanical Slimming pill every day.

In addition to blocking fat, this amazing pill increases your metabolism. Meizitang turns fat into heat, carbon dioxide and water. These three results combine to create an increase in metabolism, the energy you gain from your diet. Metabolism helps your body repair, heal and maintain itself. You will have more energy to conquer your to-do list and enjoy life when your metabolism increases.

This natural weight loss pill also cleanses your body of unhealthy toxins. Food you eat and environmental toxins accumulate in your body over time and can lead to headaches, ulcers and other medical concerns. Cleanse your body naturally and feel better while losing weight.

Positive customer reviews give you confidence in the results that this pill produces. Easy to digest and swallow, one soft gel pill taken with water every morning leads to all day weight loss. Continue to eat a healthy diet, drink water and natural fruit juices as part of your successful weight loss strategy. Prepare for swimsuit season, gain more energy and block dietary fat with Botanical Slimming Meizitang. The free worldwide shipping allows you to stay thin wherever you may travel for vacation or business.

Give yourself the gift of life when you lose weight and block fat. With one daily pill made of natural ingredients, slim your body, block fat, increase your metabolism and create a more efficient body. Find the healthier, trimmer you with Meizitang.


Losing weight is obviously a challenge. If it weren’t, the majority of Americans would not be overweight. Many have tried many different methods, have spent hours in the gym, fought off hunger pains, and have still been frustrated with pounds barely trickling off, if they come off at all. Sometimes, an extra push is needed to make all the effort worthwhile. But of course, not just anything will do. If you want to lose weight, chances are you care about your health, so whatever you choose you not only want results, but you want a natural product that will be safe to use, like Meizitang botanical slimming pills.

Meizitang softgels are made from natural plants that have been proven to possess botanical slimming properties. Hoof bamboo shoot, psyllium shell, tarragon, and lotus are just a few of the plants that bring their botanical properties to this amazing botanical slimming weight loss softgel.

One of the biggest obstacles people face when trying to lose weight is their own metabolism, and Meizitang’s line of Botanical slimming pills have proven to help overcome that obstacle. By working to inhibit the absorption of fat into the body, Meizitang improves your Basic Metabolism rate, helping you to keep burning calories whether you are exercising or not. Not only does it shed fat, but it contains trace elements of several different elements that serve as amino acids which help build lean muscle, which can further strengthen your metabolism. It also has a detoxifying effect, which gives your body that fresh start we can all use from time to time as we strive to live healthier lives.

Whether their weight loss goal was ten pounds or a hundred, many people rave about the success they’ve had with Meizitang. It has helped people quickly prepare for important life events, such as weddings, reunions, and more. Many of these people had faced countless uphill battles with their weight before finally finding the success they craved through Meizitang Botanical slimming pills.

Of course, since the goal behind Meizitang is to help people lose weight so that they can live a balanced, healthy life it’s important that they are used as directed, and not taken by those who have health problems such as hyperthyroidism, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney and liver problems. Meizitang does not ask for ridiculously low calorie diets in order to be effective, and in fact stresses the importance of not skipping meals and drinking plenty of water two of the cornerstones of a healthy diet. And unlike some other supplements that have you thinking about what pill to take next, a Meizitang dose is just one pill at breakfasttime to last the rest of the day.

Extra weight is an obstacle many people need to overcome. It stands in between so many good intentions and the power to turn those intentions into the action we need in our lives to grow. Meizitang can help people feel lighter and stronger and allow them to push those obstacles aside and live a balanced and fulfilling life.



There are many weight loss products in the industry and each weight loss product tries to approach the problem in a different way. Some of the products try to reduce the appetite where as others try to help the metabolic system to burn the fat consumed fast. Some weight loss products uses strong chemical agents where as others use safe natural products. There is market for all these products and many new products continue to emerge regularly because people are frantically looking for an effective weight loss solution. One of the weight loss products that has been receiving the attention of the weight loss enthusiasts is Meizitang. This is a natural weight loss product that comes in the form of diet pills. Over the years Meizitang has earned very good reputation in the industry.

Those who want to lose weight in the most hassle free way without subjecting themselves to rigorous diet programs and strenuous workout regime prefer to use Meizitang. It is not without reason this weight loss product is becoming increasingly popular. The effectiveness of this product has been proven repeatedly in several occasions. So if you want to lose weight and get tangible results. Then Meizitang is the way to go. Meizitang is made of natural ingredients from china. It does not have any side effects and that is what makes this product even more desirable.

Meizitang acts in a number of ways; firstly this product will improve your metabolic activities. If your metabolism is sluggish because of poor eating habits that you have cultivated, then it is high time that you used Meizitang to tune your metabolism. Meizitang also will help you deal with fatty acids absorption. The natural ingredients in the diet pills will minimize the amount of fatty acids absorbed by the body and thereby reducing the fat accumulation.

When you make use of other diet programs you will have to subject yourself to very strict dieting program. You will have to calculate your carbs and cut the calories, the very process of eating turns out to be a highly complicated task of the day because you are busy counting the calories all the time. Meizitang will reduce your appetite in a natural way without causing any harm to your body. There are other appetite suppressants in the market but most of them harm your body and damage your metabolic system. Rather than losing weight in a healthy way you end up ruining your health. With Meizitang you don’t face any such problems. Meizitang is not only highly effective but these diet pills are also very safe. Meizitang works equally well for all age groups. So you can confidently take your Meizitang pills. You cannot use Meizitang except when you have high blood pressure.

You will be able to achieve your weight loss goals very effectively using Meizitang. Unlike other weight loss products Meizitang offers lasting solutions to your weight loss needs. You can therefore confidently make use of this weight loss product without any hesitation.