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  Myoleptin CLA 1000 mg. with African Mango 600 mg.

African mango 600 mg (Irvingia Gabonensis).

Due to its remarkable weight loss results in several studies, African Mango has received lots of attention. Its been featured on many TV and Print publications, and was discussed by Dr. Oz on television.

So What Is African Mango

African Mango Advanced is one of the most popular African Mango weight loss supplements, which has a 600mg dose of the extract.

African Mango, also known as wild mango or bush mango. This mango is different from the mango you may find at grocery stores. This mango comes from an African fruit tree that has many health benefits, including a higher fiber content, weight loss features, and positive effects on your cholesterol.

Two clinical studies have found that African Mango 600 mg. helps improve cholesterol, maintain healthy blood glucose levels and aids in weight loss.
Scientific results show that dramatically more weight was lost using the extract then those placed on in placebo group. The users showed an impressive 6 percent decrease of body fat, and an average drop of 28.1 pounds of weight loss (vs. the 1.5 lbs lost in the placebo group).

African Mango has other benefits to offer too. The supplement helps you stay full longer, and promotes healthy blood sugar levels after each meal. The supplement increases the rate of fat oxidation, and metabolic rate.

Most importantly, African Mango provides a safe and natural way to consistently loss weight making it much easier, and less frustrating to reach your weight loss goals.

The supplement contains 600mg of pure African mango (Irvingia Gabonensis). The ingredients of the capsule are: Calcium Carbonate, Gelatin and Magnesium Serrate, these ingredients simply hold in the 600mg of mango.

If you are looking to maintain a healthy diet, African Mango Advanced won’t disappoint you! The African Mango can suppress your hunger, and boost your metabolic rate making it easier to burn more calories.

According to clinical, and scientific studies it does show that the mango extract delivers a natural, safe and promising solution to cutting down on unwanted body fat. Also, African Mango Advanced keeps cholesterol at a healthy level.

 African Mango is an advanced weight loss supplement. Each capsule contains the mango found in Cameroon, Africa. This, otherwise known by its botanical name Irvingia Gabonensis, provides essential health benefits, especially in burning fat, suppressing appetite, controlling diabetes through glucose regulation, lowering cholesterol, and reducing inflammation, which helps fight cancer. While African mango has many beneficial effects, has focused on its weight loss properties.
Unlike many diet pills, Ageless Cures Purest African Mango Extract contains only the purest natural ingredients in the highest concentration available. Dubbed by Dr. Oz as the "miracle pill" for weight loss, African mango does not contain any stimulants;
Studies have found that Irvingia Gabonensis has a natural ability to act as very strong appetite suppressant. Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that helps a person control their appetite. Basically, it signals to the brain that the body has had enough to eat. However, overweight individuals have built up a resistance to Leptin, mostly in part due to high levels of C - reactive protein (CRP). CPR can bind to Leptin lessening its effectiveness, and causing one to gain weight. Irvingia Gabonensis lowers the levels of CRP in the body, allowing Leptin to accomplish its job of reducing the appetite.
African mango is also shown to increase the body’s production of Adiponectin, which improves individual cells’ sensitivity to insulin. Adiponectin is a protein hormone that modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and fatty acid catabolism. Hence, increasing the production of Adiponectin causes the body to burn more fat.
Purest African Mango Extract is best used in conjunction with Raspberry Ketone Lean to assist in the breakdown of fat, increase energy with the powerful boost of antioxidants, and live a more healthy and active lifestyle.



Myoleptin CLA is scientifically designed with a balanced ratio of c9,t11 and t10,c12 isomers. These bioactive ingredients help you achieve a healthy and toned body composition.** Evidence suggests that these isomers work by modulating oxidative enzyme activity as well as energy metabolism.** Myoleptin™'s premium grade formula uses only plant-based sources of CLA and contains no natural or artificial stimulants of any kind. Myoleptin™ CLA - for the shape of your life!

Supplementing with Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has been shown to:

Help prevent weight gain* Decrease abdominal fat* Increase metabolism *Enhance muscle growth * Promote cardiovascular health * Support healthy immune function*

The weight loss mechanisms of CLA are still being explored. Proposed mechanisms include decreased food intake, increased energy expenditure, decreased pre-fat cell development, blocking of fat cell proliferation and increased fat burning (lipolysis).*

The body fat-reducing properties of CLA have been tested in numerous human clinical weight loss trials conducted over the past eight years and have recorded significant body fat loss with doses ranging from 1.8 grams to 4 grams of CLA per day.*

The most recent (2007) CLA weight loss study was conducted at the University of Wisconsin, where research into CLA first began. In a study to prevent holiday weight gain, 3.2 grams of CLA was given to volunteers for 6 months. Body weight was measured during the pre-holiday season and post-holiday season. Body composition improved with supplementation with CLA compared to placebo.The study concluded that CLA supplementation among overweight adults significantly reduced body fat over 6 months and prevented weight gain during the holiday season. CLA did not affect insulin resistance, blood lipids or markers of liver function. The overwhelming conclusion of a huge variety of clinical trials around the world proves that CLA works to reduce body fat and favorably changes the ratio of body fat-to-muscle.*

Recommended Dosage:

— 1 softgel 3 times per day with meals.